Helping migrants flourish

Itzinya empowers migrants while starting their business or finding a suitable job. We do so in multiple cities in The Netherlands through practical training and personal support.

What we do


Maybe you manage to find a job. But how do you find work that really fits your talent and satisfies in the long run? In this training you get to know the job market in The Netherlands. You will also discover more about your own talent and which job in The Netherlands will work best for you.


During this training you learn to think as an entrepreneur in The Netherlands. You will develop and test your business idea. And find proof that your business idea is actually viable in The Netherlands.


If you are sure that your business idea will succeed in The Netherlands then you definitely want to start your business! In Build we offer you individual support, from writing down your the business plan in your mind in Dutch to supporting you with the set up of your accounting, marketing or IT.


The Itzinya Community connects entrepreneurial Dutch people with entrepreneurial migrants. It is a place to meet. To inspire. And to build up.